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ENTA was established by Neda Dimitrova, who is a French business lawyer and a graduate of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. Ms. Dimitrova holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Law and a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property Law. Ms. Dimitrova began her career in the field of intellectual property, but she quickly discovered her love for corporate law and shifted her career path accordingly. Ms. Dimitrova has spent more than five years working at a leading legal firm in Monaco, practicing corporate law and perfecting her knowledge of the Monegasque legal and administrative structure before deciding to establish her own company.

ENTA is specialized in assisting corporations and private individuals with all the aspects of their business development and investment projects in the Principality of Monaco and France. Living or establishing a business in Monaco offers substantial benefits. ENTA is focused on handling the procedures and requirements for the smooth and efficient establishment of our clients’ ideas, including their private and business projects.

Our methodological approach and extensive experience ensure a thorough understanding of our clients’ projects. ENTA benefits from a large network of trusted partners in Monaco and France (notaries, tax lawyers, accountants and banks among others) which we put at our clients’ disposal to find the most appropriate solutions for any additional requests.

At ENTA we strive to create a lasting relationship with our clients based on trust and confidence in our ability to find a solution in any situation. We believe in being always available, easily reachable and constantly on the lookout for any potential issues that may impact our clients now or in the future. We know that having the ability to resolve problems is crucial but we also believe that being able to prevent them is priceless.
Our services

Our Services

ENTA offers a wide range of services spanning across several domains. Our clients benefit from a comprehensive professional support in all aspects of their business development and private administrative needs in the Principality of Monaco. Our diverse skill set and extensive knowledge of the local procedures and businesses give us a unique ability to respond to any request in a timely and highly satisfactory manner.
Business Development
We assist our clients with selecting the right legal structure for their business needs and objectives in Monaco, France and abroad. We take care of business plan drafting, assessments and valuations.
Corporate Management
We provide advice on business life cycle procedures, company and investor representation, corporate restructuration and capital investments.
Banking & Compliance
We assist our clients in setting up and monitoring their projects through private and retail banks in Monaco and abroad. We also handle the completion of banking compliance obligations.
Private Assets Management
We provide administrative assistance, supervision and management of private properties and employees. We also offer strategic advice and representation during the acquisition of private assets.
Contractual Assistance
We draft and review all types of personal and business contracts and negotiate deals on our clients’ behalf. We develop and implement solutions for various operational and contractual procedures.
Monaco Relocation
We offer support and assistance with the realisation of our clients’ relocation projects, including coordination of all the related procedures. We facilitate all aspects of the Monaco residency acquisition.

The Principality of Monaco is more than a brilliant gem on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea for the corporate and private establishment. At less than 40,000 residents, Monaco is home to people from nearly 125 nationalities, it boasts the world’s highest GDP per capita as well as the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita.

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